Bamboo shoot spicy dosa/ Kirla sannapolo

bamboo shoot


1cup bamboo shoot (chopped into very small pieces)

1tea spoon chilli powder

2 cups rice flour

1/4 cup vegetable oil

salt to taste



make a thick batter of bamboo shoot, chilli powder, rice flour and salt.


Heat the cast iron skillet on medium heat; spread a ladle of batter as thin as possible. You can use the fingers to spread the batter also. Just dip the fingers in water and spread the batter by patting. Take care not to touch the skillet. Cover the skillet and allow it to cook for 3 minutes. Spread a spoon of oil on the dosa, and flip it. Roast the dosa on the other side too. Serve it warm with Rice and dal.


Notes: Bamboo shoots are available in Korean /chinese store/ Asian markets. Fresh bamboo shoots are bitter so needs to be soaked in water for two days for immediate use.  Cleaned bamboo shoots are preserved with salt for long term use, no water is added. Cleaned and cured bamboo shoots are also available. You will find them soaked in salt/vinegar water. They are ready to use in curries.



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