churmundo 2

This is a sweet that can be easily prepared by any novice to cooking. It’s hard to mess up, yet it is very flavourful and tasty. I make this sweet quite often, because of the convenience and as it is loved by every one in the house.



1 cup Wheat flour

1-cup confectioners powdered sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons cardamom powder

½ cup ghee/clarified butter (use unsalted)

¼ cup raisins (optional)


Roast raisins for few minutes in a spoon of ghee. Remove the raisins and keep it aside. Roast wheat flour with 1/4 cup of ghee until fragrant. It may take about 8-10 minutes on a medium fire. The wheat flour also becomes slightly dark in color. Allow it to cool. The following picture is after roasting the wheat flour.


Once the wheat flour is cooled enough (it shouldn’t be warm also as it will melt the sugar) add powdered sugar and rest of the ghee (if the ghee is very thick, bring it to liquid state by heating it up on the stove or in microwave.) Add cardamom powder and raisins. Use your hand and mix it very well. Make balls. If needed you can add few more spoons of ghee. You can make 12-13 churmundo from 1 cup wheat flour.



Notes: I roast wheat flour in microwave for 2 minutes. One minute at a time. That reduces roasting time on stove and makes it quick. If you are roasting in microwave remember to mix the flour well after each round of 1 minute. If you like, roasting of wheat flour can be done in microwave itself, it may take about 3-4 minutes.

© Vinaya Pai 2018

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