IMG_5376Thanks for visiting my blog. Cooking and Painting are my passion.

My family loves food and I spend a lot of time preparing the food we all love, so I thought, ‘why not put all my recipes in one place?’ My mother is a great cook and she always welcomed people to the home with her tasty food. My love for cooking started with her, helping her out in the kitchen with chapathi rolling and frying, making sweets, and just trying out new recipes. It was a fun time chitchatting and doing work at the same time. Then after marriage I learnt a lot from my mother- in-law. She was a master chef with the knowledge of so many different foods! She had an exact measurement for each food that she prepared, so it made cooking super easy. My cooking got fine tuned with her. So I dedicate this blog to both of my gurus. It gives me great pleasure when I find the right recipe for the food I love and reproduce it at home.

Hope you all enjoy cooking as much as I do 🙂
Vinaya Pai


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